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MVP Ryan Priest had it all, living his dream as a professional baseball player. He had the house, the cars, the endorsements, the parties, the women, the money . . . and a reputation for lining his pockets with winnings from his illegal gambling activities. Ryan suffered the consequences, however, and served his punishment. Though he professes his innocence, when Ryan costs his team the World Series, no one believes he isn’t up to his old tricks. Forced into an early retirement, Ryan is adrift and uncertain what to do with his life.


Nathan Brock is a seven-year-old baseball aficionado with a mischievous nature. When that mischievous nature lands him in a little trouble, the kindness of a helpful stranger is the only thing that will save the boy. Nathan’s antics quickly win the stranger over and the two begin a new friendship. Being a baseball fan, Nathan is amazed by how much his new friend reminds him of one of his favorite baseball players, Ryan Priest. Nathan is even more amused when his new friend’s name turns out to be Ryan, “just like Ryan Priest.” While this little boy is in for a surprise, it turns out Ryan may be in for a surprise or two of his own.


Nathan’s mother, Corlay Brock, is a single mother who works ridiculous hours, trying to make ends meet, while chasing a promotion. She is stubborn, proud, and resistant to any outside assistance. After a lifetime of disappointment, she has learned that she can’t rely on anyone. Now, Nathan has made a new friend – some grown man named Ryan. Considering the awkward situation, Corlay is skeptical of everything about Ryan. Being the gambling man he is, Ryan is willing to up the ante, trying to impress Corlay. With all of his chips on the table, this time, Ryan can’t afford to lose.



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Finally! Now, everything will be better. At least that is what Rachel Tucker is hoping for. After seven rocky years of marriage to her controlling, mentally abusive husband, Shane, Rachel has hope for a new beginning. That hope comes when Shane lands a new job and the family moves from Seattle to a beautiful, new lake house in a small town in Mississippi.


It’s just what Shane has always wanted! He finally has his wife and kids to himself - away from the watchful eyes of protective family and friends. With fantasies of a “new beginning” in her head, Rachel is excited for this new road in life. However, her fantasies are smashed when reality sinks in. New job, new town, new house, new friends, new environment.


Same old Shane.


With her new friends rallied behind her, Rachel begins to see how frightening, cruel, and selfish Shane truly is. The mental abuse Shane dishes out begins to manifest in physical ways, and Rachel begins to fear for the lives of herself and her children. Hell-bent on breaking away, Rachel finds obscure ways to bank small sums of money in an effort to fund their escape. However, after a freakishly strange series of events leads to Shane Tucker’s “fated” demise, one has to wonder how much of it was truly driven by “fate.” Everything in life is a ripple effect. The question is, what will Rachel do when a new set of Ripples forces her to choose between right and wrong? In this bizarre tale, what is right? And what is wrong? If you were in Rachel’s shoes, what would you do?

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From the author of the “Lock Creek: Time Capsule” series comes the psychological thriller WHAT HE'S DONE.

Michael “Sully” Sullivan is irresistible. A ladies man who knows what he wants – and gets it, the charming and charismatic man seems to bring death everywhere he goes. The suspect in multiple killings, Sully has proven intelligent enough to avoid leaving the clues police need to charge him. As he leaves yet another interrogation, he flashes a cocky smile over his shoulder. “See you next time.”

Based on actual events, this murderer still walks the streets. Sully could be your friendly neighbor, or your sister’s witty boss. He might be the dream guy you just met online, or the waiter with seductive eyes who just offered you more bread sticks. Sully is still out there, looking for someone new – someone like you.

Edited by Michelle Rice
Cover art by Sophia Olson and Andrea M. Mouser
Credit to dead_brushes on brusheezy.com for tools used in cover art.

Lock Creek: Time of Death AVAILABLE NOW!

When Anne and Derrick Decker return home from their honeymoon to Bridal Island, all...hell...will...break...loose! Cal Howard is a force to be reckoned with! Amber McRael is a disaster. Gina Rylen wants to repeat history - trench coat and all. There's a serial killer on the loose and the FBI has more than enough indisputable evidence to arrest the sheriff for the crimes. Which Lock Creek resident is an undercover FBI agent that's chasing after Derrick? Surprise! Then, there's the woman that is in Lock Creek under the witness protection program. How did she pull that off? And why is Paulina's Bed and Breakfast "closed indefinitely?" As if that weren't enough, there's Derrick's two-year-old son... Son!? Though this book picks up where "Lock Creek: In Their Own Time" left off, the only promise you can take with you is that, this time, there are no promises! This volume is a riveting, fast-paced, page turning experience unlike any before. Just when you think the title, "Time of Death," makes sense, you discover you really had no idea! Your heart will be pounding, breaking, stopping, and singing, all because of this one book! This experience is not likely to be on you will forget anytime soon! Still, in the end, you'll be anxiously awaiting the next book. When in doubt... "Trust what you know!" ~Derrick Decker