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Lock Creek: Derrick's Time


Everyone Has A Secret - Derrick Decker Has Lots Of Them! Derrick Decker seems to have it all! His winning personality, charming smile and level headed, gentlemanly demeanor make him a focal point in his community. The women want his affection and the guys want to be his best friend. Though it has been that way for most of his life, the hometown hero has made his share of mistakes. Luckily, those mistakes seem to be well kept secrets buried somewhere in his past…but, for how long? Though his image and reputation is important to him now, there was a time when those were the last things on his mind. The indiscretions of the man he was once presents a lot of opportunity to haunt the man he is determined to become. After numerous failed relationships, and seeing no viable options for a love interest, Derrick takes himself out of the dating scene. Then, when he least expects it, a woman enters his world, seemingly immune to his charms. For the first time in his life, he’s found a woman that he just might have to chase after. If he can catch her, she just might be the one that takes him out of the dating scene for good. This journey through the darker side of Derrick Decker gives a more in depth look at the lessons and obstacles that shaped the “mysterious” man Lock Creek thinks they know and love. The only question is will his past stay where he left it, or will this reformed wild child have some explaining to do?

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